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Industry Association & Local Chamber of Commerce Services

QEAS has extensive experience in the administration and secretariat management of industry associations and local chambers of commerce.

Our experience includes acting as a State Secretary and Executive Officer for both National and State Industry Associations in addition to two decades in the chamber of commerce movement in Australia.

Services provided by QEAS include:

  •  Submission preparation;
  •  Economic Analysis and Market Research;
  •  Meeting notices and recording of apologies;
  •  Minute recording and circulation;
  •  Membership databases and customer relations management ;
  •  Office Bearer elections;
  •  Constitution and articles of association development and implementation;
  •  Registration with relevant authority;
  •  Writing, editing, design and production of publications, annual reports, brochures, flyers and newsletters.

QEAS is able to offer your organisation a cost effective solution to its management and secretariat services.

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