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Economic Analysis and Market Research

Decisions should be based on robust evidence and the value of data is the advantage of knowing and understanding the prevailing and anticipated conditions that can impact on your opportunity.

QEAS is unrivalled at gathering information and leveraging it to achieve outcomes with over two decades experience applying economic analysis and research in the real world.

Economic Analysis: QEAS has worked with the Australian Bureau of Statistics for nearly a quarter of a century and has unrivalled knowledge of their datasets. We are able to tailor detailed insight and reports to the economic state of play in which your business operates or project will be launched in.

Market Research: And if a data set does not exists QEAS will prepare it for you using qualitative and quantitative research gathered through literature searches, competitor analysis, surveys, focus groups, forums and individual case studies.

This knowledge allows you to successfully develop, refine, implement and measure your next steps forward.

QEAS services include:

  • Statistical and economic analysis;
  • Market and industry sector research;
  • Demography and social research;
  • Economic and social impact assessments;
  • Opportunity & competitor assessments;
  • Business case feasibility; and
  • Budget preparation, financial and workforce planning.

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