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Blog posts December 2017

The Highs and Lows for Queensland Businesses in 2017

In the last days of 2017 I wanted to share with you my top highs and lows for Queensland’s business community.  It was a year that will have significant impacts for many but it was also a year where a lack of things failed to occur. So let’s go ……

Lows for 2017

  1. Queensland ele…

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Queensland Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review 2017-18

The MYFER is up and can be found here:

My overall assessment is that it delivers an improvement in Queensland's budgetary position in 2017-18 and across the forward estimates.  This is technically Jackie Trad's statement but in reality it has…

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Coalition Government's MYEFO 2017-18.

Today the Coalition Federal Government released the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.  In summary the Government is delivering a reduced deficit in 2017-18 down from $29.4 billion in the Federal Budget to $23.6 billion in the MYEFO.  However in the grander scheme of things there has not been sig…

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10 questions to ask about the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review 2017-18

Tomorrow the newly minted State Treasurer, Jackie Trad MP,  will deliver the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review.

The MYFER as it is affectionately known provides an update of the State’s economic and fiscal position since the 2017-18 Budget (delivered 13th June 2017) and outlines “Governme…

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Population flows towards employment opportunity

In a graph ........ a great example of causation not just correlation.  Population flows towards employment opportunity.  Queensland today recorded both the strongest employment growth and highest net interstate migration gain since prior to the GFC.  

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The State Election Result and what it means for you

It is with pleasure that I provide a 'one stop shop' on everything you may need to know about the recent State Election result and how it might impact on you.  In short Annastacia Palaszczuk is the first female premier in Australia to win back to back elections with Queensland Labor capturing 48…

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