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Blog posts March 2017

Economic Lessons from Queensland's Severe Tropical Cyclones

When it comes to severe tropical cyclones the imperative rightly has to be on ensuring Queenslanders are safe and out of harms way. We must then immediately render assistance to the townships and communities decimated from the extreme weather event.

However following these two priorities there a…

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GST Bonanza for Queensland

Queensland once again scores big time from carve up of GST across Australian States.

An extra $889 million or 6.3% in 2017-18. For every dollar in GST Queensland raises, we will get back close to $1.19.

A big thank you to NSW, Victoria and especially Western Australia. Very generous of them.

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Queensland Population Statistics

Today’s ABS Catalogue 3101 reveals Queensland’s population grew by a solid 1.4% during the year to 30 Sept 2016, close to the national increase of 1.5%.

Victoria recorded the highest growth of all states at 2.1%. Over the last 12 months Queensland’s population has increased by 67,700 persons an…

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Brisbane Housing Prices

Today's ABS data for residential property price increases reveals its Sydney & Melbourne and then the rest.

During the Dec qtr 2016 residential property prices rose in Melbourne (+5.3%), Sydney (+5.2%), Bris (+2.2%), Adelaide (+1.8%), Hobart (+4.5%) & Perth (0.3%).

In the 12 months to the De…

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Rising Unemployment Rate for Queensland.

Chart pack for Queensland's labour market indicates rising unemployment rate in February 2017 based on poor employment growth.

Whilst Queensland registered the highest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the country I believe the current deterioration in the State’s labour market is starting…

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