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Blog posts April 2017

What is the difference between good debt and bad debt?

What is the difference between good debt and bad debt?  Well I will let the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison have the final say below.

However before he does …. increasing debt to fund infrastructure that delivers long lasting economic benefits is an investment in our children’s future. Things s…

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Interview with Maria Hatzakis on ABC 612 re Transitioning Regional Economies

Today I had the opportunity to talk to Maria Hatzakis on ABC Radio in relation to the article I posted on Monday 'Is Regional Queensland's Economy Beyond Repair?' see below. The discussion can be listened to from 1:47:08

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Is Regional Queensland’s Economy Beyond Repair?

Late last week we had Queensland’s regional unemployment rates released at the same time as a thought provoking Productivity Commission Report into Transitioning Regional Economies.

If there is any one State that can serve as an example of the challenges being experienced by Regional Australia,…

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Interview with Steve Austin ABC Radio on the impact of TC Debbie on Queensland's Economy

This morning I had the great opportunity to go on air with @abcbrisbane @SteveAustinABC to discuss the impact of Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie on Queensland's Economy.

The link is below and the interview commences at 1:10:50. Mornings

This interview follows the two b…

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Is Queensland Labor's Election 'War Chest' washed away by TC Debbie

After three months it is nice to be back in the saddle being referenced in a few stories appearing in the Courier this week.

I wanted to quickly place some context around the numbers being quoted in those stories and write about Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie’s impact on the State Budget and Quee…

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