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Blog posts May 2017

All industries are important but some are more so than others

The ABS last week released the latest industry breakdown statistics for Queensland.

The release provides revelations about which industries are on the rise and which are in decline.  All industries are important but some are more so than others .... statistically speaking of course.

The top 3…

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Understanding two structural changes within Queensland's Labour Market

Last week saw what has been regarded as positive news for the performance of Queensland’s labour market with total employment now growing after contracting across much of 2016.   In the latest growth cycle an additional 31,100 jobs have been created since October 2016 in the Sunshine State.

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Why Adani must not be given a $320 million 'royalty holiday'

As early as today the State Government will deliberate on whether to provide Adani a $320 million ‘royalty holiday’ for the $21.7 billion Carmichael Mine mega project.  To put this deal in context, the $320 million represents approximately 5.1 per cent of the $6.3 billion in coal royalties to be…

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Summary comments on Queensland’s labour market - April 2017

Today's labour market numbers were characterised by no change in the unemployment rate for Queensland during April 2017.  Qld’s unemployment rate (6.3%) continues to sit 0.6 percentage points above the National average (5.7%).

However both the number of full-time and part-time jobs are now gro…

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Why we need to celebrate the importance of Queensland Small Businesses

Today marks the start of the 2017 Queensland Small Business Week celebrating the importance of the Sunshine State’s small business community.   This is a great initiative that was first started by LNP Small Business Minister Jann Stuckey and continues under the guidance of Queensland Labor M…

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A History of Federal Budget Forecast Accuracy

This week has seen economic forecasts underpinning the Federal Budget questioned over their degree of optimism.

It is crucially important that the Federal Budget is able to accurately forecast economic growth.  Much is riding on their accuracy in particular the revenue raising requirement and the…

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Federal Budget 2017-18: Queensland Business Update

2017-18 Federal Budget: Business Wishlist


According to business groups the 2017-18 Federal Budget should be one that stays the course on fiscal repair, builds on tax reform, doubles down on red tape reduction and invests in the next generation of infrastructure. I wholeheartedly agree with these but the political landscape and competi…

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Peak Business Group Wishlists for Federal Budget 2017-18

Business Council of Australia

The Business Council believes that Australia has until 2025 to put the budget on a sustainable footing before we reach tipping point and sets out a strategy to promote stronger growth, better services and increased value from government spending:

  • Embed a system…

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