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Blog posts June 2017

21 changes in Queensland commencing 1 July 2017

 The one thing that never changes is change itself and the new financial year beginning this Saturday has numerous fresh arrangements coming into operation.
This year is unique in that many legislative changes commence at the same time as the usual suspects that occur every year. There are swi…

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Interstate migration lifts Queensland population growth / the 2016 Census

Queensland's population growth is now starting to bounce back due to interstate migration. The State's population grew by 1.5% in 2016 to 4,883,700 persons. Also for anyone seeking a link to the @ABSCensus QuickStats Profile for Queensland please see…

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10 facts about Queensland’s energy future (in pictures)

If you are like me then sometimes it is just easier to look at a picture or a graph.  Accordingly there are two recent reports that I believe can best summarise what is a crazily difficult subject.  These reports are the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market …

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Queensland Budget 2017-18 Analysis

Queensland Budget 2017-18 Analysis: A quintessentially Queensland Labor budget in election mode

Click here for the full heads up: #qldpol #qldbudget

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Queensland Public Service Headcount: adhere to the sixth fiscal principle or jettison it

On the 14th June 2016 the State Government as part of the last State Budget introduced a sixth fiscal principle for Queensland:

Maintain a sustainable public service by ensuring that overall growth in full–time equivalent employees, on average over the forward estimates, does not exceed popula…

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Ten Questions that should be asked about Queensland's State Budget 2017-18

The State Budget to be delivered on the 13th June by Treasurer Curtis Pitt will be his third and last before a State Election to be held either late this year or early next year.
If he plays to the rulebook there will be little to agitate the broader community and it will be a Budget that…

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