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Blog posts July 2017

Queensland Procurement Strategy needs work

On the weekend the State Government released its Queensland Procurement Strategy and Policy (QPP) or the aptly named “Buy Queensland” procurement policy.

Each year the Queensland Government spends more than $14 billion on goods and services in delivering frontline services. A further $4 …

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Is Queensland Government dividend policy forcing up electricity prices and taxation by stealth?

There has been widespread and deserving attention on Queensland’s high electricity prices over the last week. 

There are many reasons as to why electricity prices have more than doubled over the past decade.  The ACCC forum earlier this week examined some of these including generators gaming t…

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Debunking myths about public sector growth and Queensland's jobs market

Over the past several weeks a number of persons have suggested to me that the recent improvement in Queensland’s labour market is merely as a result of growth in the State’s public service. I wish to debunk that suggestion and provide a few brief statistics and graphs about the impact of rising…

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Queensland employment growth stand outs in June 2017

This is a good month to put to the side the seasonally adjusted series and look to the trend to see what is really happening in Queensland’s labour market and it was generally a good set of numbers for the Sunshine State.

Firstly in dealing with the yo-yoing seasonally adjusted series, the Sta…

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Estimates Hearings are one of only a few checks and balances for Queensland's Unicameral Parliament

The 2018-19 ‘Estimates Hearings’ for the Queensland Legislative Assembly commences today and runs for the next two weeks.  These are one of only a few checks and balances that the Sunshine State’s unicameral Parliament has to hold the State Government to account.

The estimates process help…

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Why is Queensland wages growth so low at present?

The question on many people’s lips at present is why is Queensland’s wage growth so low at present?  This is great question but we need to be wary of the end game as to why many are asking it.

For example there is mounting rhetoric from unions that Australia’s workplace relations system is …

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Land 400 ADF Contract a must have for Queensland Manufacturing

The Land 400 Australian Defence Force Contract represents the shot in the arm that Queensland’s manufacturing sector vitally needs.

Queensland manufacturing was once the largest and most important industry sector for the Sunshine State.  It has now slipped to fourth in respect to both contr…

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