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Blog posts August 2017

Cross River Rail is not the only infrastructure needed in Queensland

Based on the furore surrounding Brisbane’s Cross River Rail (CRR) anyone could be forgiven for thinking that it is the only infrastructure that Queensland needs.  Let me be clear this is a vital project for Queensland’s economic future but it is not the only project needed for our State.…

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The True Cost of Employment

It is widely understood that there are additional costs of employment over and above actual wages paid to an employee.  However what would undoubtedly surprise most is the extent to which these payments sum to.

Indeed when fully understood it leads to the inescapable conclusion that the lot …

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The surge of Queensland part-time employment continues - July 2017

Today's labour force data cements a picture of rising employment in the Sunshine State compliments of surging part-time jobs.

In trend terms:

  • Full-time employment rose in the month of July 2017 by 3,300 persons and is up from this time last year by 18,500 persons
  • Total employment incr…

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Would you gamble $41 to win $3? - The Buy Queensland Policy does

Following my original post on the Buy Queensland Policy there has been a significant spat between New Zealand (one of nine countries that we have a Free Trade Agreement with) and Australia warning of trade repercussions following the Palaszczuk Government's move to favour Queensland businesses with…

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Reasons why Queensland's Commercial Waste Levy failed and would fail again

No doubt last night’s Four Corners program and revelations that over one million tonnes of southern waste are being dumped in Queensland landfill sites will again be used to argue for the introduction of a Commercial Waste Levy.

I wish to highlight the reasons why the Waste Reduction and Re…

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