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Blog posts September 2017

2016-17 Queensland Energy GOC Profits and Dividend Fact Sheet

Late Friday afternoon and just prior to a weekend full of Grand final football 132 reports were tabled in Parliament.  Among these were the CS Energy, Stanwell, Powerlink and the newly created Energy Queensland annual reports for 2016-17. (As a side note this practice has to stop as it deliberate…

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Queensland Population Change - March Quarter 2017

Population flows towards employment opportunity but it will take more full-time jobs to really ramp up interstate migration.

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The Issue with Payroll Tax – PART A

With election speculation mounting one of the biggest issues for businesses, that will be repeatedly raised during an election campaign, is Payroll Tax.

Requests to abolish payroll tax are in reality unrealistic given the lack of holistic tax reform in Australia at present.  We need to be sensib…

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We have lower wages in Queensland and there is a good reason why

There has been extensive research into the relationship between wages and inflation or the change in the cost of living.  For example the 'wage price spiral' theorises that as wages rise, costs to the employer have to be recovered and are passed onto the consumer through raising the price of goo…

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Queensland Labour Market Summary - August 2017

Latest ABS labour market numbers confirmed the Sunshine State recorded the strongest employment growth since mid 2007 driven by part-time jobs and recorded the lowest unemployment rate since late 2013.

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Queensland needs to talk about protectionism

Queensland needs to better educate the community on the perils of protectionism and conversely the considerable advantages that free trade brings to us on a daily basis.  Protectionism does nothing to solve concerns over jobs and incomes in Queensland it only plays to the politics of populism.…

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Clever usage of a PPP to fund Brisbane's Cross River Rail

Confirmation that Brisbane's Cross River Rail will use a Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a timely reminder that there are alternative funding options on the table for infrastructure projects in Queensland outside of Government pockets. 

The announcement that a PPP with availability paym…

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Queensland's domestic economy has a spring in her step

Latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals Queensland’s domestic economy now has a spring in her step.

State final demand (SFD) which is the measure of how the domestic economy is performing grew by 1.1 per cent in the June quarter 2017 and by 2.8 per cent across the 12 months…

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Small Businesses yet to embrace Strategic Planning and KPIs

Latest results show startling differences in performance management frameworks by size of business in Australia.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics found one third of all small businesses indicated no KPIs were monitored during the financial year ended 30 June 2016.  This rose to a whopping 57.6…

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