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Blog posts July 2018

Critical Appraisal of Queensland’s Labour Market

Queensland’s labour market finds itself in a peculiar situation: it has experienced very good employment growth yet our unemployment rate remains stubbornly above six per cent.

Queenslanders should in theory be highly concerned that our State’s unemployment rate remains 0.7 per cent above the n…

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If only there was another word for innovation

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics released their latest snapshot of Australian business innovation.

Innovation is a widely used term but not necessarily widely understood particularly by small business.  It is defined as the development or introduction of new or significantly improve…

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Estimates Hearings are one of only a few checks and balances for Queensland's Unicameral Parliament

The 2018-19 ‘Estimates Hearings’ for the Queensland Legislative Assembly commences today and runs for the next two weeks.  These are one of only a few checks and balances that the Sunshine State’s unicameral Parliament has to hold the State Government to account.

The estimates process help…

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Tainted for Life from Driving in Europe

Many readers will be aware that I recently spent a month travelling in Europe.  Over this period I logged 5,733 kilometres driving from Rome to Bergen in Norway and back down to Amsterdam.

This was a wonderful experience but has unfortunately left me tainted for life when it comes to driving…

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Why Queensland should support changes to Australia's GST distribution arrangements



Earlier this month the Federal Government released its interim response to the Productivity Commission’s (PC) final report on horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE) ie how GST receipts are carved up among Australian States. Both the PC Report and the Government’s response were released…

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