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Blog posts September 2018

Interim Report of the Financial Services Royal Commission

The executive summary of the Interim Report of the Financial Services Royal Commission is provided below:

The Commission’s work, so far, has shown conduct by financial services entities that has brought public attention and condemnation. Some conduct was already known to regulators and the p…

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Small businesses continue to experience finance difficulties

Access to finance has a profound influence on a businesses’ capacity to grow and since the GFC major banks have become more risk averse and conservative in their business lending.  This has given rise to Queensland businesses experiencing a range of difficulties including accessing finance on accept…

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Where are the fastest growing areas of Queensland

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released fascinating statistics relating to the hows and whys of population growth across Australia and Queensland.

Brisbane is back among Australia's fastest-growing cities, according to latest data.  Brisbane's population grew by 48,000 people in 2016-17 …

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Queensland's Domestic Economy - June Quarter 2018 Update

The best measure of the economic activity that each of us sees and feels on a daily basis is state final demand which measures domestic economic activity. Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics released their latest estimates and Queensland's year to the June Quarter 2018 was a very healthy 3.4% …

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Pollies not doing us any favours

This is from the Courier Mail and saved me the words ……..

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