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Neuron's e-scooters contributing significantly to Brisbane's economy

QEAS was commissioned by Neuron Mobility to analyse the economic and environmental contribution of its e-scooter fleet operating in the Brisbane city area. This QEAS report captures the direct, indirect and enabled economic and employment contribution that Neuron’s e-scooters make to the Brisbane economy and community. 

Neuron Mobility’s most recent Brisbane Rider Survey identified that 66.4% of trips result in a purchase.  Of these, 42.2% of riders made a purchase as part of their latest ride at a hospitality venue, 32.5% made a purchase at a department store, supermarket or other retail store and 17.9% visited a gym, movie or event. The average spend for each rider trip was $61.05. At present 97% of users believe Neuron e-scooters have a somewhat positive, positive or extremely positive impact.

In 2021-22, Neuron Mobility is estimated to have contributed $116.6 million in direct, indirect and enabled economic activity towards Brisbane’s economy. Through enabling affordable, rapid and easily accessible transport options for Brisbane tourists, residents and business community members, we have determined that Neuron services have contributed 6.4 cents in every $100 in Brisbane economic activity. Furthermore, Neuron Mobility is estimated to have created and supported 681 Brisbane  based jobs in 2021-22.

Rider usage of Neuron’s shared e-scooters offers a range of other tangible and quantifiable benefits to the Brisbane community. These benefits include:

  • An overall productivity estimate of $2.96 million for Brisbane users of Neuron’s E-scooters each year  as a result of reduced time travelling annually; 
  • BCC would save an estimated $3.4 million over three years and the Queensland Government would potentially save up to $6.2 million in road maintenance costs each year; and
  • A reduction of 197.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions from cars travelling on Brisbane roads annually.  

Neuron Mobility’s shared e-scooters are assessed by QEAS to contribute significantly to the Brisbane economy and provide considerable other benefits to the community. The expansion of micro-mobility services such as those provided by Neuron Mobility represents a positive impact on the City of Brisbane and its continued evolution to becoming a city of international significance. 

A full copy of the public version of this report is available here. 

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