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New research finds Neuron e-scooters contribute an estimated AUD $86.86 million in economic activity to Darwin in just 12 months

  • Economist Nick Behrens from Australian Economic Advocacy Solutions (AEAS) independently analysed Neuron’s operations in Darwin and concluded that Neuron e-scooters contributed $86.86 million in direct, indirect and enabled economic activity during in 2022
  • The report, which included analysis of data from Neuron’s operations and surveys of e-scooter riders, found that 80.3% of trips result in a purchase and the average rider spends $85.42 per trip at a local business; each e-scooter pumped $173,360 of direct, indirect and enabled spend into Darwin’s local economy per year

New research from Australian Economic Advocacy Solutions (AEAS) has concluded that Neuron e-scooters contributed a massive $86.86 million in direct, indirect and enabled economic activity in the city during 12 months of Darwin’s e-scooter trial in 2022. 

The AEAS Report, launched today, analysed operational data and rider survey data from Darwin’s e-scooter operator Neuron Mobility to calculate the economic and environmental contribution of Neuron’s operations in the city. It found an impressive 80.3% of all trips result in a purchase and the average Darwin rider spends $85.42 at local businesses per trip. 

E-scooters first launched in Darwin in Januaray 2020, the e-scooters were embraced by residents and visitors who have taken over 2.8 million trips and travelled over 4.2 million kilometres to date. Asked where they spend their money, 59.9% of riders made a purchase at a hospitality venue, 39.2% made a purchase at a department store, supermarket or other retail store and 21.2% visited a recreational venue like a gym, movie theatre or event. The report determined that Neuron services contribute 83.2 cents in every $100 worth of economic activity in Darwin. 

Neuron’s e-scooters are providing a viable alternative to cars, with the research finding that 60.8% of all trips replaced a car journey. It is estimated that there has been a reduction of 82.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions from cars travelling on Darwin roads with a saving of 389,559 car journeys. E-scooters, which are not impacted by congestion, have led to significant time-saving benefits resulting in an overall productivity estimate of an additional $1.15 million for Darwin users. Neuron is estimated to have created and supported 512 Darwin-based jobs during the time period. AEAS forecast that this number will rise to 718 jobs by 2027. 

The City of Darwin has also benefited from the e-scooter program including an estimated saving of $427,000 over 12 months in road and maintenance costs, and the Northern Territory Government has potentially saved up to $2.95million in road maintenance costs each year. 

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