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Redbank Power Station reopening to rely on AEAS

AEAS is very pleased to announce that we have been engaged to conduct an economic impact assessment for the reopening of the Redbank Power Station in the Hunter Valley.  The conversion of the existing Redbank Power Station to enable biomass fuel use for electricity generation is a crucially important project for both the Hunter region and New South Wales.  

AEAS will provide compelling evidence as to the importance of the project that will underpin regulator support and planning approval.  The AEAS report will demonstrate to the community and government the significant direct and indirect economic contribution of the proposed Redback Power Station reopening as well as how it will activate or enable broader economic growth as an essential energy source.

AEAS also notes that this project has very high consistency with the New South Wales and Australian Government’s move to more sustainable practices through the considerable diversion of materials from landfill that are economically, technically and environmentally repurposed in the circular economy.  

I am absolutely delighted that AEAS has been entrusted with the responsibility to deliver this outstanding piece of work.

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