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Lobbying, Submissions and Government Relations

QEAS will give your business a voice and ensure it is heard by those with the privilege of making decisions that impact on you.

We understand that government decisions affect your opportunities and are experts in creating and managing influence. QEAS has connections across all political parties and knows the political and legislative processes inside out.

Whether it is engaging at the infancy of policy development within departmental regulatory development processes or talking to Ministers and the Opposition and their political minders through to preparing submissions and appearing before Parliamentary Committees, QEAS has proven results in these areas.

Our preferred approach is to achieve results rather than headlines by working behind the scenes to secure positive outcomes. 

We consider well prepared positions employed in collaboration away from the public spotlight to be the best means of achieving positive and more importantly lasting outcomes for our clients.

QEAS places much emphasis on having a thorough and convincing set of arguments that is readily understood; and offer solutions not just problems. 

As a respected leader in advocacy and representation QEAS knows the strategies and approaches likely to be effective in dealing with government.

QEAS can provide summaries of the political and policy landscape including:

  • the framework and process;
  • key people and their policies;
  • how a project or initiative is likely to be received; and
  • how a project or initiative can be best advanced.

Additionally QEAS can:

  • Facilitate the building of lasting relationships with decision makers; 
  • Making the most of meetings through detailed preparation and correct follow up;
  • Guidance and preparation of written submissions to Government consultation processes and Parliamentary Inquiries;
  • Preparation and participation for Public Hearings; and
  • Detailed analysis of Government policy and how it will affect your business.

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