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 Media Relations

With QEAS’s expert knowledge of the media we can ensure that your story is heard.

QEAS has the contacts, knows how the media works and has considerable experience seeding stories in the news cycle. QEAS can excel for you across three areas:

Advocacy: Sometimes decision makers are only comfortable making a decision with community support and understanding.  A powerful weapon to be able to shape that support and understanding is through the media.

Positive story to tell creating profile and additional opportunity: Many customers have a positive story to tell and knowing which outlets and journalists to use is a great way to get this in the media cycle.

Crisis and negative event management: Sometimes things go wrong but it is what we do next can often matter most.  Messaging under intense scrutiny is crucial.

With experience in preparing over 150 media releases every year leading to over 2,000 clippings with an audience reach of over 75 million we have the runs on board. 

QEAS can provide the following solutions:

  • Opportunity identification;
  • Seeding of stories in the media cycle through a media release, as an exclusive or the organising of a press conference;
  • Media release drafting;
  • Media release distribution;
  • Liaison with media acting as the point of contact for inquiries;
  • Media commentary on your behalf;
  • Social media content for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; and
  • Advice on framework for external communications.

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