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Public Speaking

QEAS Director has dedicated his professional career to understanding the challenges and issues of business and solutions needed for them to be able to grow and employ. 

Nick revels in speaking to public audiences with his skills honed by years of professional and sporting experience. 

He is regularly approached by the Reserve Bank of Australia, academia, politicians, government departments, GoCs, media and corporate Australia to talk about complex issues in the public arena. 

  • A confident and highly capable ambassador for his employer, State and Country;
  • Invited by organisations such as BDO and the ABC to be part of their expert panel on issues such as the State and Federal Budgets and Political and Economic Updates;
  • Conducts daily interviews with key media outlets;
  • Relates well with others and displays a positive image whilst delivering a digestible, accessible and entertaining message; and
  • An exemplary standard of language and style, being able to clearly and succinctly convey ideas or information.

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